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Replacing packaged drinks one function at a time

Intensify your coffee and boost your hydration with Infusion™ from sküma.


Hydration boost

Purpose: replace Bottled water for Daily drinking

• Replenishes electrolytes lost from sweat
• Efficiently hydrates the body
• Prevents dehydration through added nutrients

Proper functional hydration

What's in your sweat?

In a day, you lose as much as 1-2 litres of water through sweat—even without moving. Sweating may lead to dehydration, depleting essential body electrolytes.

The Hydration Boost fortifies your water with 56mg/L of Magnesium, 20mg/L of Calcium and 20mg/L of Potassium for optimal rehydration. Create a healthier alternative to bottled mineral water now with the Hydration Boost.

These Infusion™ are easily interchangeable, creating water you need just how you like it.

Product specifications


Coffee balance

Purpose: replace Bottled water for Coffee quality

• Enhances sweet, fruity and smooth aromas from your coffee
• Helps to control scale build-up and corrosion
• Reduces coffee acidity and reveals authentic coffee taste

Enhacing your coffee making routine

The Coffee Balance gives the perfect cup of hot purified water dispensed by sküma every time. With the Infusion™, brew perfect coffee free from unwanted acidity, chalky residue, or limescale build-up even in espresso machines.

Finding the right balance

Purified water may be coffee-optimised by leveraging on the three elements of water:

Magnesium Content (20.4 ppm). Helps extract natural fruity, sharp, or creamy flavour of coffee.

Water Hardness (50-80 TDS). Rightly soft water means better coffee extraction from your roast.

Carbonate Hardness (10.8 ppm). Prevents overpowering coffee bean acidity for that perfect cup.

These Infusion™ are easily interchangeable, creating water how you like it, when you need it.

How do you like your water? Discover Infusion™ from sküma.

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Sport Recovery

Increase joint and muscle recovery.

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Daylight Recharge

The perfect morning water formula.

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Evening Relax

Unwind for better quality sleep.

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