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Democratising Healthy Hydration

Sküma has been designed with performance, ease of use and sustainability in mind from day one.

Two friends …

Sküma is the brainchild of two engineering buddies who shared a common bond from studying together and experiencing life abroad. Throughout their travels, they noticed a universal reliance on bottled water, regardless of location. Sensing an opportunity to disrupt this status quo, they delved into the world of water purification, driven by a desire to ensure everyone had access to truly high-quality water.

Their journey began with a quest to find the optimal method for purifying water, given the uncertainty of tap water composition. After exploring distillation and encountering its time-consuming drawbacks, they turned to the next best solution: reverse osmosis. However, they quickly recognized common consumer complaints – the loss of essential minerals, complex installation processes, and the complexity of the technology being overwhelming for the masses.  

Determined to bridge this gap, they set out to create Sküma: a countertop, no-installation device designed to eliminate every conceivable impurity from water while infusing it with essential nutrients, thus elevating its quality to unprecedented levels. Their mission was clear: to make high-quality water accessible to everyone, regardless of age, technical expertise, or financial status.

Understanding that everyone’s definition of high-quality water varies, they aimed to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Whether it’s water that enhances the taste of coffee by eliminating lime scale, provides essential nutrients, aids digestion, lacks fluoride, or maintains consistent quality over time, Sküma strives to fulfill every individual’s unique requirements.

In essence, Sküma embarked on a journey to democratize high-quality water, ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can enjoy water that not only tastes great but also nourishes the body and exceeds expectations.

"Skuma the countertop reverse osmosis and remineralization system seeking to deliver optimized water for coffee brewing at a fraction of the cost of a traditional RO system."


"[...] the same specific mineral content and great taste of your favourite brands like Evian or Volvic."


“[...] eradicating single-use plastic bottles.”


“[...] a high-quality mineral water, which is what the Skuma is producing, really.”


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