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Purify and enhance your water, sustainably.

Boost your hydration. Optimise water for your coffee. Reduce plastic waste from bottled water.

Purify and enhance your water, sustainably.

Starts at £399.00, or £33.25/mo (interest-free payments).
Free Express Next-Day delivery to any UK address.

  • Three-stage reverse osmosis that effectively purifies water, ideal for hard water regions.
  • Enhance water quality by infusing minerals and vitamins for functional benefits via Infusion™.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an instant hot water module to make coffee and tea.

    Free Express Next-Day delivery to any UK address.

Swap, Sip, Savor: Elevate every drop with Infusion™

Infusion™ is a concentrated mix of minerals and vitamins that add certain functionality to the water produced by sküma. The sküma produces the purest form of water and the Infusion™ is here to boost the water and give it purpose - whether it is for general hydration, water for coffee brewing, or hydrating after sports, sküma is here to help.

Each bottle of Infusion™ provides 60 litres of water and is concentrated in a reusable glass bottle—one less plastic waste in the landfills.

Kickstart hydration with purpose today with sküma. More Infusion™ flavours are coming soon!

Why is sküma different?

Through the Super-Filter® reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, sküma effectively removes 99% impurities in water, including fluoride, heavy metals and micro-plastics, and pumps helpful nutrients through Infusion™. Make your water refreshingly healthy and get all these while staying sustainable with sküma. More information on what is removed can be found in the lab analysis here.

Instant hot water on demand

Replace your kettle - unclutter your kitchen countertop

• Adjustable temperature choice (50ºC, 75ºC, 85ºC, Max)

• Limescale free piping hot water

• Energy saving system that instantly dispenses hot water

Sküma is equipped with a German made new generation instant heating element to eliminate the need for cumbersome - energy wasting - limescale filled kettles.

Instantly get a taste of highly purified mineralised water with your morning tea or coffee.

No installation required.

Plug and play.

Hassle-free hydration with sküma. Drink only the best purified water you could get with sküma.

3-Stage in 1 reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge

Change Super-Filter® once a year only

Add functionality to your water for all needs with Infusion™


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Free Express Next-Day delivery to any UK address