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Experience Sküma. Free next-day delivery to any UK address.

Superior Filtration Technology.

Innovative 3-in-1 compact Super-Filter® uses reverse osmosis purification technology to eliminate impurities, chlorine, fluoride, hormones and chemicals. Replace once a year for only £40.

Added vitamins and minerals from Infusion™.

Make nutrient-rich water with Vitamin D, elevated alkalinity (pH), essential electrolytes and optimal water for your coffee and tea routine. Easily swap between Infusion™ to enjoy a different water at any time.

Zero installation. Saves you time and hassle.

Countertop reverse osmosis unit, ready to use with no installation required. Simply plug and play, and start enjoying instant access to nutrient-rich water.

Instant hot water means you save money on bills.

Powered by an advanced German-made hot water module, sküma delivers hot water instantly and uses less energy than a kettle or a coffee maker.

Experience Sküma. Free next-day delivery to any UK address.

Why is sküma different?

Unlike filter jugs, through the Super-Filter® reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, sküma effectively removes about 99.9% of impurities in tap water, including fluoride, heavy metals and micro-plastics (lab analysis can be found here and chemical here). What sets it apart is its unique feature of reintroducing essential nutrients (minerals and vitamins) through Infusion™. Elevate your hydration experience to a refreshingly healthy level while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

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