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Swap, Sip, Savor: Elevate every drop with Infusion™

Choose & Customise with Infusion™

Hydrate with Hydration Boost

With the help of sküma, create the perfect water to hydrate with and replenish lost electrolytes and nutrients throughout the day.

The Coffee Balance with every brew

Maximise your coffee brewing experience by extracting all of the natural flavours of your favourite roast with water that benefits you and your espresso machine!

Improve digestion with Alkaline Boost

Elevate your water's pH to 8.5-9.0 to reduce stomach acidity and improve digestion.

Boost immune system with Sunshine Support

Added Vitamin D to boost immune system with the daily recommended value. Perfect for the shorter and colder winter days.

What’s included in the sküma package?

3-stage in 1 reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge

Change Super-Filter® once a year only

Add functionality to your water with an Infusion™ Pack (choice of two Infusions).

Technology behind sküma

sküma’s Three-stage Water Purification

STAGE 1: Sediment Removal

The compact water purification system removes sand and suspended particles present in tap water.

STAGE 2: Carbon Filtration

During Stage 2 of water purification, sküma eliminates chlorine and most of dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) originating from treated municipal water sources.

STAGE 3: Reverse Osmosis

Gets rid of all harmful bacteria, viruses, hardness, fluoride, hormones, and heavy metals from tap water and transforms it to the elemental H₂O—purified, filtered, and can be remineralised.

Proudly designed and made in Britain

Supporting local designs and breaking innovations since 2019.

sküma Specifications

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