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Skuma + 2 Infusion + Super Filter

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Do I need Infusion™ to use Sküma?

You actually don’t. You can use Sküma to get the purest water possible from its revolutionary Super-Filter, which uses reverse osmosis. However we built Sküma to help you reach your health goals.

Infusion™ elevates your hydration with high quality minerals and vitamins sourced right here in the UK. Giving purposes to your water, whether it’s reducing stomach acidity, enhancing immunity or effectively preventing dehydration.

Beyond just filtration - why Sküma is unique.

Instant hot water on demand

Replace your kettle - unclutter your kitchen countertop

• Adjustable temperature choice (50ºC, 75ºC, 85ºC, Max)

• Limescale-free piping hot water

Equipped with an advanced German-made hot water module, sküma delivers hot water instantly and uses less energy than a kettle or a coffee maker.

Proudly designed and made in Britain.

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