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Transform tap water into mineral water in seconds.

Sküma purifies any tap or dirty water and creates Icelandic mineral water from the comfort of your home.

Replace your water dispenser today.

Stop purchasing bottled water filled with microplastics that sits for months under the sun. Create your own water with Sküma.

No installation required - just plug and play

Counter top

Perfect for any kitchen counter top

1 year filter

Change Super-filter once a year


Use our Infusion™ to create your perfect water

Sküma now available in Qatar

Starts at QR1,580 - click below to find out more

Remove plastic water bottles from your life. Purify your tap water with sküma’s proprietary reverse osmosis (RO) process and pair it with Infusion™ to create the highest quality water imaginable.
Change Infusion™ based on your needs -

Hydration Boost creates the ideal water composition for rehydration

Coffee Balance creates the ideal water composition for brewing coffee.

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