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Taster Pack (3 cans)

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The Super-Filter can filter 750L-1100L of tap water, depending on your region's tap water hardness.

We recommend replacing the Super-Filter once annually.

Glass Bottle

Simple and sleak design. 100% Borosilicate glass

The Sküma borosilicate glass bottle ensures your water never gets contaminated with micro-plastics.

Dishwasher safe. Fits perfectly in your fridge.

The bottle is dishwasher safe and can be stored in the fridge to keep your nutrient-rich water chilled.

Maintenance Kit (Recommended once a quarter)

Descaling Pouch x3

Use these pouches in your refill tank to descale and disinfect your internal water pipes.

Maintenance Filter

Replace your Super-Filter with the Maintenance Filter during the maintenance procedure.

Maintenance Infusion

Replace your Infusion with the special Maintenance Infusion during the maintenance procedure to cleanse your internal Infusion dispenser.